HP Laserjet 4250 Review

HP Laserjet 4250 Review

Rapid printing. Reasonably small. Really paper handling, together with 600-sheet input capacity when evaluated, 3,100-sheet maximum, and stacker/stapler feature.

Graphic quality is just acceptable. Largest size it handles is legal-size paper.

The printer features printer speeds using a 45-p.p.m engine. However paper handling is actually little significantly less heavy-duty versus for the full-fledged Workgroup printer. Level of quality is less than perfect, getting a good evaluation for text printing, but merely average for photographs and graphics.

Whether you are in the marketplace for a work group LaserJet but typically want to print upon something larger than legal-size paper (8 x 14 inches), the HP 4250n ( can help you save a bunch over models manufactured to use tabloid paper (11 x 17 in.). The 4250n rests on your workspace, measuring 14.8 x 16.5 x 17.8 in. (HWD) and weighing just 45lbs. Nevertheless the print speed makes no question that there is a 45-ppm engine inside of the packaging. Its paper-handling capabilities is lined up with the speed.

Assembly is standard for HP’s black and white laserjet, meaning that it can be direct, painless, and fast. It has only one toner cartridge to install, and also the network-installation application takes care of virtually the whole network set-up automatically. The remote-management tool, obviously, is Hewlett Packard’s Web JetAdmin, one of the better remote-management programs offered.

During overall performance evaluation the printer turned in a overall duration of 4 mins 55 secs, making the product among the swiftest printers we have observed. It fires out a 50-print Word Document file in 1:13, and / or 41.7 ppm, that is is a effective score for a 45-ppm device.

Regrettably, production grade is much less than best suited. Printing text was on the top of the line of a pretty awesome review, but images and pictures each graded as respectable. In either instances, the primary difficulty had been noticeable dithering in which took the variant of extreme graininess.

One a great deal less crucial question is which compared with top-of-the-line workgroup Laserjet , such as Hewlett Packard’s very own LJ 9050group, the HP LJ 4250n is unable to use 11×17 paper. This is in addition relatively much less heavy-duty in another ways; in specific, it boasts a monthly duty cycle of 200K pages, when compared with 300K pages for the HP 9050. But the LJ 4250 also offers enough of paper-handling capabilities, using equally a 500-sheet tray plus 100-sheet multipurpose cassette tray as tested, options to increase total capacity to 3,100 pages, plus two stacker selections, such as one utilizing a stapler. If you do not need to print on Ledger-size paper, the LJ 4250n lets you get a work group printer while not needing to pay for any functionality you do not require.

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