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Hours of Operations


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Printer Repair Long Beach Offerings

HP Factory Trained Technicians

All our HP Printer Repair Technicians are HP manufacture trained with a minimum of 10 years in the office equipment service industry. 

Toner Cartridges

Printer Repair Long Beach carries a very reliable line of toner cartridges.  We offer same day delivery and each cartridge comes with a 1 year no hassle warranty.

Quick Response Times

We offer 4 hour onsite repsonse time for all HP Printer service appointments.


Printer Repair Long Beach offers 120 Days (4 Months) warranty on all HP Printer Repairs or  services we provide.  We also offer 120 days (4 Months)  warranty on all parts installed and sold.  

OEM HP Parts

On every  HP Printer Repair we only install OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Parts.  HP Parts are of the highest quality in the industry.  HP Parts are designed to maximise life expectancy and quality. 


Network Services offers an IT department to help with all types of network support.  From connecting printers and MFP's  to designing and implementing a peer to peer or server based printing network.  


Some of the Cities we provide HP Laserjet Printer and HP Color Laserjet Printer Repair services:


4th Street Corridor

Artesia, California

Bellflower, California

Belmont Shore

Carson, California

Compton, California

Cerritos, California

Cypress, California

El Segundo, California

Fountain Valley, California


Gardena, California

Hawaiian Gardens, California

Hawthorne, California

Huntington Beach, California

Lakewood, California

Lomita, California

Los Alamitos, California

Paramount, California

Rossmoor, California

San Pedro, California


Seal Beach, California

Shoreline Village

Signal Hill, California

Stanton, California

Sunset Beach, California

Terminal Island, California

Torrance, California

West Carson, California

Westminster, California

Wilmington, California

Printer Models we Service

HP Laserjet Printers Repair
HP LaserJet 2015 (CC534A), HP LaserJet 2100 (C4170A), HP LaserJet 2100M (C4171A), HP LaserJet 2100Se (C4138A), HP LaserJet 2100TN (C4172A), HP LaserJet 2100xi (C4139A), HP LaserJet 2200 (C7064A), HP LaserJet 2200d (C7058A), HP LaserJet 2200dn (C7063A), HP LaserJet 2200dse (C7062A), HP LaserJet 2200dt (C7059A), HP LaserJet 2200DTN (C7061A), HP LaserJet 2300 (Q2472A), HP LaserJet 2300d (Q2474A), HP LaserJet 2300dn (Q2475A), HP LaserJet 2300dtn (Q2476A), HP LaserJet 2300l (Q2477A), HP LaserJet 2300n (Q2473A), HP LaserJet 2410 (Q5955A), HP LaserJet 2420 (Q5956A), HP LaserJet 2420D (Q5957A), HP LaserJet 2420DN (Q5959A), HP LaserJet 2420n (Q5958A), HP LaserJet 2430 (Q5954A), HP LaserJet 2430DTN (Q5962A), HP LaserJet 2430N (Q5964A), HP LaserJet 2430t (Q5960A), HP LaserJet 2430TN (Q5961A), HP LaserJet 4000 (C4118A), HP LaserJet 4000N (C4120A), HP LaserJet 4000se (C3094A), HP LaserJet 4000T (C4119A), HP LaserJet 4000TN (C4121A), Onsite Printer Repair HP LaserJet 4050 (C4251A), HP LaserJet 4050N (C4253A), HP LaserJet 4050se (C4255A), HP LaserJet 4050T (C4252A), HP LaserJet 4050TN (C4254A), HP LaserJet 4100 (C8049A), HP LaserJet 4100 Multifunction (C9148A), HP LaserJet 4100DTN (C8052A), HP LaserJet 4100N (C8050A), HP LaserJet 4100TN (C8051A), HP LaserJet 4101 Multifunction (C9149A), HP LaserJet 4200 (Q2425A), HP LaserJet 4200DTN (Q2428A), HP LaserJet 4200DTNS (Q2446A), HP LaserJet 4200dtnsl (Q2447A), HP LaserJet 4200L (Q3993A), HP LaserJet 4200Ln (Q3994A), HP LaserJet 4200Lvn (Q3995A), Printer Repair HP LaserJet 4200N (Q2426A), HP LaserJet 4200TN (Q2427A), HP LaserJet 4240 (Q7784A), HP LaserJet 4240N (Q7785A), HP LaserJet 4250 (Q5400A), Fuser Error  HP LaserJet 4250DTN (Q5403A), HP LaserJet 4250DTNSL  (Q5404A), HP LaserJet 4250N (Q5401A), HP LaserJet 4250TN  (Q5402A), HP LaserJet 4300 (Q2431A), HP LaserJet 4300dtn (Q2434A), HP LaserJet 4300dtns (Q2435A), HP LaserJet 4300DTNSL (Q2448A), Fuser Error HP LaserJet 4300n (Q2432A), HP LaserJet 4300tn (Q2433A), HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction (Q3942A), HP LaserJet 4345x Multifunction (Q3943A), HP LaserJet 4345xM Multifunction (Q3945A), 13.0 Paper Jam HP LaserJet 4345xs Multifunction (Q3944A), Fuser Error 50 Printer Service HP LaserJet 4350 (Q5406A), HP LaserJet 4350DTN (Q5409A), HP LaserJet 4350DTNSL (Q5410A), HP LaserJet 4350N (Q5407A), HP LaserJet 4350TN (Q5408A), HP LaserJet 5000 (C4110A), HP LaserJet 5000DN (C8068A), HP LaserJet 5000GN (C4112A), HP LaserJet 5000LE (C4247A), HP LaserJet 5000N (C4111A), HP LaserJet 5100 (Q1860A), HP LaserJet 5100dtn (Q1862A), HP LaserJet 5100le (Q1863A), HP LaserJet 5100se (Q3719A), HP LaserJet 5100TN (Q1861A), HP LaserJet 5100TN (Q1561A), HP LaserJet 5200 (Q7543A), HP LaserJet 5200DTN (Q7546A), Paper Jam HP LaserJet 5200L (Q7547A), HP LaserJet 5200LX (Q7552A), HP LaserJet 5200n (Q7544A), HP LaserJet 5200tn (Q7545A), HP LaserJet 5si (C3166A), HP LaserJet 5Si HM (C3124A), HP LaserJet 5si Mopier (C4076A), HP LaserJet 5si Mopier engine (C4176A), HP LaserJet 5si Mx (C3167A), HP LaserJet 5si nx (C3950A), HP LaserJet 8000 (C4085A), HP LaserJet 8000DN (C4087A), HP LaserJet 8000N (C4086A), HP LaserJet 8100 (C4214A), HP LaserJet 8100DN (C4216A), HP LaserJet 8100N (C4215A), HP LaserJet 8150 (C4265A), HP LaserJet 8150 Multifunction (C4268A), HP LaserJet 8150 Multifunction (C9135A), HP LaserJet 8150DN (C4267A), HP LaserJet 8150HN (C4269A), HP LaserJet 8150N (C4266A), HP LaserJet 9000 (C8519A), HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction (C8523A), HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction (Q2458A), HP LaserJet 9000dn (C8521A), HP LaserJet 9000hnf (Q3685A), HP LaserJet 9000hns (C8522A), HP Printer Repair LaserJet 9000l Multifunction (Q2622A), HP LaserJet 9000l Multifunction (Q2623A), HP LaserJet 9000MFP (2684PY), HP LaserJet 9000n (C8520A), HP LaserJet 9040 (Q7697A), HP LaserJet 9040 Multifunction (Q3726A), HP LaserJet 9040dn (Q7699A), HP LaserJet 9040n (Q7698A), Onsite Printer Service HP LaserJet 9050 (Q3721A), HP LaserJet 9050 Multifunction (Q3728A), HP LaserJet 9050DN (Q3723A), HP LaserJet 9050dnM (Q7511A), HP LaserJet 9050N (Q3722A), HP LaserJet CM1415fn (CE861A), HP LaserJet Ent. 500 MFP M525dn (CF116A), HP LaserJet Ent. 500 MFP M525f (CF117A), HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M601dn (CE990A), HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M601n (CE989A), HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M602dn (CE992A), HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M602n (CE991A), Printer Repair HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M602x (CE993A), HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M603dn (CE995A), HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M603n (CE994A), Printer Repair HP LaserJet Ent. 600 M603xh (CE996A), HP LaserJet Ent. 700 M712dn (CF236A), HP LaserJet Ent. 700 M712n (CF235A), HP LaserJet Ent. 700 M712xh (CF238A), HP LaserJet Ent. flow MFP M525c (CF118A), HP LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M630z (B3G86A), HP LaserJet Ent. flow MFP M830z (CF367A), HP LaserJet Ent. flow MFP M830z nfc/wireless direct (D7P68A), Onsite Service HP LaserJet Ent. M4555 MFP (CE502A), HP LaserJet Ent. M4555f MFP (CE503A), HP LaserJet Ent. M4555fskM MFP (CE504A), HP LaserJet Ent. M4555h MFP (CE738A), Printer Repair HP LaserJet Ent. M506dh (F2A71A), HP LaserJet Ent. M506dn (F2A69A), HP LaserJet Ent. M506n (F2A68A), HP LaserJet Ent. M506x (F2A70A), HP LaserJet Ent. M604dn (E6B68A), HP LaserJet Ent. M604n (E6B67A), HP LaserJet Ent. M605dn (E6B70A), HP LaserJet Ent. M605n (E6B69A), HP LaserJet Ent. M605x (E6B71A), HP LaserJet Ent. M606dn (E6B72A), HP LaserJet Ent. M606x (E6B73A), HP LaserJet Ent. M806dn (CZ244A), HP LaserJet Ent. M806x+ (CZ245A), HP LaserJet Ent. M806x+ NFC (C7P69A), HP LaserJet Ent. M806x+ nfc/wireless direct (D7P69A), HP LaserJet Ent. MFP M630f (B3G85A), HP LaserJet Ent. MFP M630h (J7X28A), HP LaserJet Ent. MFP M725dn (CF066A), HP LaserJet Ent. MFP M725f (CF067A), HP LaserJet Ent. MFP M725z (CF068A), HP LaserJet Ent. MFP M725z+ (CF069A), HP LaserJet Ent. P3015 (CE525A), HP LaserJet Ent. p3015d (CE526A), HP LaserJet Ent. P3015dn (CE528A), HP LaserJet Ent. P3015n (CE527A), HP LaserJet Ent. P3015x (CE529A), HP LaserJet M2727nf Multifunction (CB532A), HP LaserJet M2727nfs Multifunction (CB533A), HP LaserJet M3027 Multifunction (CC478A), HP LaserJet M3027 Multifunction (CB416A), HP LaserJet M3027x Multifunction (CB417A), HP LaserJet M3027x Multifunction (CC479A), HP LaserJet M3035 Multifunction (CB414A), HP LaserJet M3035 Multifunction (CC476A), HP LaserJet M3035xs Multifunction (CC477A), Maintenance Kit HP LaserJet M3035xs Multifunction (CB415A), HP LaserJet M4345 Multifunction (CB425A), HP LaserJet M4345x Multifunction (CB426A), HP LaserJet M4345xM Multifunction (CB428A), Storage Error HP LaserJet M4345xs Multifunction (CB427A), HP LaserJet M5025 MFP (Q7570A), HP LaserJet M5025 Multifunction (Q7840A), HP LaserJet M5035 Multifunction (Q7829A), HP LaserJet M5035x Multifunction (Q7830A), HP LaserJet M5035xs MFP (CE786A), HP LaserJet M5035xs Multifunction (CF327A), HP LaserJet M5035xs Multifunction (Q7831A), HP LaserJet M9040 Multifunction (CC394A), HP LaserJet M9050 Multifunction (CC395A), HP LaserJet M9059 Multifunction (CE800A), HP LaserJet Managed M605dnM (L3U53A), HP LaserJet Managed MFP M725zM (L3U64A), HP LaserJet P2014 (CB450A), HP LaserJet P2014n (CB451A), HP LaserJet P2015 (CB366A), HP LaserJet P2015d (CB367A), HP LaserJet p2015d w/font diMM (CC481A), HP LaserJet P2015dn (CB368A), HP LaserJet p2015dn w/font diMM (CC482A), HP LaserJet P2015n (CB449A), HP LaserJet p2015x (CC535A), HP LaserJet P2015x (CB369A), HP LaserJet P2035 (CE461A), HP LaserJet P2035n (CE462A), HP LaserJet P2055 (CE456A), HP LaserJet P2055d (CE457A), HP LaserJet P2055dn (CE459A), HP LaserJet P2055x (CE460A), HP LaserJet P3005 (Q7812A), HP LaserJet P3005d (Q7813A), HP LaserJet P3005dn (Q7815A), HP LaserJet P3005n (Q7814A), HP LaserJet P3005x (Q7816A), HP LaserJet P4014 (CB506A), HP LaserJet P4014dn (CB512A), Paper Jam 13.0 Error HP LaserJet P4014n (CB507A), 50 Fuser Error HP LaserJet P4015dn (CB526A), Onsite Printer Repair HP LaserJet P4015n (CB509A), Printer Repair Near Me HP LaserJet P4015tn (CB510A), HP LaserJet P4015x (CB511A), HP LaserJet P4515n (CB514A), HP LaserJet P4515tn (CB515A), HP LaserJet P4515x (CB516A), HP LaserJet P4515xM (CB517A), HP LaserJet pro 200 Color M251nw (CF147A), HP LaserJet pro 200 Color MFP M276n (CF144A), HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color MFP M276nw (CF145A), HP LaserJet pro 300 Color MFP M375nw (CE903A), HP LaserJet pro 400 Color M451dn (CE957A), HP LaserJet pro 400 Color M451dw (CE958A), HP LaserJet pro 400 Color M451nw (CE956A), HP LaserJet pro 400 Color MFP M475dn (CE863A), HP LaserJet pro 400 Color MFP M475dw (CE864A), HP LaserJet pro 400 M401a (CF270A), HP LaserJet pro 400 M401d (CF274A), HP LaserJet pro 400 M401dn (CF278A), HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dne (CF399A), HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dne Prntr (CF284A), HP LaserJet pro 400 M401dw (CF285A), HP LaserJet pro 400 M401n (CZ195A), HP LaserJet pro 400 MFP M425dn (CF286A), HP LaserJet pro 400 MFP M425dw (CF288A), HP LaserJet pro 500 Color MFP M570dn (CZ271A), HP LaserJet pro 500 Color MFP M570dw (CZ272A), HP LaserJet pro cM1415fnw Color Multifunction (CE862A), HP LaserJet pro cp1025nw Color (CE914A), HP LaserJet Pro MFP M225dn (CF484A), HP LaserJet Pro MFP M225dw (CF485A), HP LaserJet pro MFP M226dn (C6N22A), HP LaserJet pro MFP M521dn (A8P79A), HP LaserJet pro MFP M521dw (A8P80A), HP Mopier 240 (C4228A), HP Mopier 320 (C4229A)

 HP Color Laserejt Printer Repair
HP Color LaserJet 4600 (C9660A), HP Color LaserJet 4600dn (C9661A), HP Color LaserJet 4600dtn (C9662A), HP Color LaserJet 4600hdn (C9663A), HP Color LaserJet 4600N (C9692A), HP Color LaserJet 4610n (Q7732A), HP Color LaserJet 4650 (Q3668A), HP Color LaserJet 4650DN (Q3670A), HP Color LaserJet 4650DTN (Q3671A), HP Color LaserJet 4650HDN  (Q3672A), HP Color LaserJet 4650N (Q3669A), HP Color LaserJet 4700 (Q7491A), HP Color LaserJet 4700DN (Q7493A), HP Color LaserJet 4700dtn (Q7494A), HP Color LaserJet 4700N (Q7492A), HP Color LaserJet 4700ph+ (Q7495A), HP Color LaserJet 4730 Multifunction (Q7517A), HP Color LaserJet 4730x Multifunction (Q7518A), HP Color LaserJet 4730xM Multifunction (Q7520A), HP Color LaserJet 4730xs Multifunction (Q7519A), HP Color LaserJet 5500 (C9656A), HP Color LaserJet 5500dn (C9657A), HP Color LaserJet 5500dtn (C9658A), HP Color LaserJet 5500hdn (C9659A), HP Color LaserJet 5500n (C7131A), HP Color LaserJet 5550 (Q3713A), HP Color LaserJet 5550DN (Q3715A), HP Color LaserJet 5550DTN (Q3716A), HP Color LaserJet 5550HDN  (Q3717A), HP Color LaserJet 5550N (Q3714A), HP Color LaserJet 9500 Multifunction (C8549A), HP Color LaserJet 9500gp (Q6466A), HP Color LaserJet 9500HDN (C8547A), HP Color LaserJet 9500N (C8546A), HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi Multifunction (CC435A), HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Multifunction (CC434A), HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf Multifunction (CC436A), HP Color LaserJet CM3530 Multifunction (CC519A), HP Color LaserJet CM3530fs Multifunction (CC520A), HP Color LaserJet CM4730 Multifunction (CB480A), HP Color LaserJet CM4730f Multifunction (CB481A), HP Color LaserJet CM4730fM Multifunction (CB483A), HP Color LaserJet CM4730fsk Multifunction (CB482A), HP Color LaserJet CM6030 Multifunction (CE664A), HP Color LaserJet CM6030f Multifunction (CE665A), HP Color LaserJet CM6040 Multifunction (Q3938A), HP Color LaserJet CM6040f Multifunction (Q3939A), HP Color LaserJet CM6049f Multifunction (CE799A), HP Color LaserJet CM8050 MFP (C5916A), HP Color LaserJet CM8050 MFP (C5958A), HP Color LaserJet CM8060 MFP (C5957A), HP Color LaserJet CM8060 MFP (C5912A), HP Color LaserJet CP2025 (CB493A), HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn (CB495A), HP Color LaserJet CP2025n (CB494A), HP Color LaserJet CP2025x (CB496A), HP Color LaserJet CP3505 (CB441A), HP Color LaserJet CP3505 (CE492A), HP Color LaserJet CP3505dn (CB443A), HP Color LaserJet CP3505n (CB442A), HP Color LaserJet CP3505x (CB444A), HP Color LaserJet CP3505x (CE494A), HP Color LaserJet CP3525 (CC468A), HP Color LaserJet CP3525dn (CC470A), HP Color LaserJet CP3525n (CC469A), HP Color LaserJet CP3525x (CC471A), HP Color LaserJet CP4005dn (CB504A), HP Color LaserJet CP4005n (CB503A), HP Color LaserJet CP6015de (Q3935A), HP Color LaserJet CP6015dn (Q3932A), HP Color LaserJet CP6015n (Q3931A), HP Color LaserJet CP6015x (Q3933A), HP Color LaserJet CP6015xh (Q3934A), Poor Print Quailty HP Printer Repair HP Color LaserJet Ent. 500 Color M551dn (CF082A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 500 Color M551n (CF081A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 500 Color M551xh (CF083A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 500 Color Managed MFP M575dnM Laser A4 Black,Grey (L3U46A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 500 Color MFP M575dn (CD644A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 500 Color MFP M575f (CD645A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 700 Color MFP M775dn (CC522A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 700 Color MFP M775f (CC523A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 700 Color MFP M775z (CC524A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. 700 Color MFP M775z+ (CF304A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CM4540 MFP (CC419A), black lines in print HP Color LaserJet Ent. CM4540f MFP (CC420A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CM4540fskM MFP (CC421A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Color Flow MFP M575c (CD646A), Printer Repair HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP4025dn (CC490A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP4025n (CC489A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP4525dn (CC494A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP4525n (CC493A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP4525xh (CC495A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP5525dn (CE708A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP5525n (CE707A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. CP5525xh (CE709A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M527c (F2A81A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M527z (F2A78A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M577c (B5L54A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M577z (B5L48A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M680z (CZ250A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M880z (A2W75A), Onsite Printer Service HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M880Z+ (A2W76A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. Flow MFP M880z+ nfc/wireless direct (D7P71A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M5039xs Multifunction (CE966A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M553dh (B5L27A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M553dn (B5L25A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M553n (B5L24A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M553x (B5L26A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M651dn (CZ256A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M651n (CZ255A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M651xh (CZ257A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M750dn (D3L09A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M750n (D3L08A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M750xh (D3L10A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M855dn (A2W77A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M855x+ (A2W79A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M855x+ nfc/wireless direct (D7P73A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. M855xh (A2W78A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. MFP M527dn (F2A76A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. MFP M527f (F2A77A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. MFP M577dn (B5L46A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. MFP M577f (B5L47A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. MFP M680dn (CZ248A), HP Color LaserJet Ent. MFP M680f (CZ249A), HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP M525CM (L3U60A), HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP M575CM (L3U45A), HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP M630zM (L3U62A), Toner Cartridges HP Color LaserJet Managed M651dnM (H0DC9A), HP Color LaserJet Managed M651xhM (L8Z07A), HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP M630hM Laser Black,Grey (P7Z48A), HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP M680dnM (L3U47A), HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP M725dnM (L3U63A), HP Color LaserJet p1006 (taz) (CE536A), HP Color LaserJet Pro 300 Color M351a (CE955A), HP Color LaserJet Pro 402dw (C5F95A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color (CF346A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color (CE913A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1025nw Color (CE918A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1525n Color (CE874A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Color (CE875A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP5225 (CE710A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP5225dn (CE712A), HP Color LaserJet Pro CP5225n (CE711A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M402dn (C5F94A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M402n (C5F93A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn (CF389A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw (CF394A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M452nw (CF388A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M706n (B6S02A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn (F6W14A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw (F6W15A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M476dn (CF386A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M476dw (CF387A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M476nw (CF385A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdn (CF378A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw (CF379A), HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fnw (CF377A),